Akarshan Bono Bunglow

Welcome to Akarshan Bono Bunglow, at Lataguri ,the ultimate resort for peace tranquility and harmony of the rejuvenated your body and soul. The resort is situated on three bighas of land at the foot of mighty himalaya..The Tarai region at Lataguri near Gorumara National Park(Garumara National Park),dooars. If you are looking for accommodation at lataguri,dooars near Gorumara National Park, the resort at Lataguri near Gorumara National Park on National Highway No. 31. The region has rolling forest and revering grassland and neora river. The jungle is famous for bison, Elephant, deer, rhinoceros and many other wild animals and birds. Its enchanting settings with spectacular views surrounded by various Flora and Fauna make this an ideal gateway. Akarshan is full of variety of birds, cannels and ponds full of various types of fish, which is surrounded by decorating lights. There are two cottages standing on the ponds which is completely build with teak wood, also the bunglow provided accomodations with double bedded eight rooms.

Phone:(03561) 266561,266214 , Mobile: 9836929001 / 8620827524 / 9433035589

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